Another closed-minded Apple User…

When looking at current debates revolving around Apple vs Android, I can’t help but think of my own experiences and make conclusions about what is important to me, an average Internet and computer user.


I have owned a Macbook for over 2 years and when I was in the market for a new phone, I bought an iPhone. Music is probably my number one priority in regards to my phone and laptop use, and it is unrealistic to mix operating systems so keeping with Apple products was the obvious way to go. I will inevitably need a new phone and laptop and maybe want to buy a tablet in the future and yes, I will most likely buy the newest iPhone and, iPad and Macbook etc…

I am completely aware of how hard I’m getting shafted, swindled and made a fool of by Apple and I don’t really care. I have tried to use Android phones and didn’t like the structure and set up, I don’t wish to go back to Windows over iOS and overall, I prefer the smoothness and aesthetically pleasing usability of Apple products. I have never felt particularly ‘closed off’ by using Mac stuff and I would guess this to be true for the majority of other Apple loyalists.

 Perhaps I am part of the problem by aiding and abetting Apple’s objective to restrict and close off their products to themselves and their users, but right now, I am selfishly sticking by my decision and will probably continue to do so until I feel the need to change. While I am, in a sense, ‘closed in’ by Apple and Steve Job’s legacy, I have the freedom to jump to Android or any other open system or device when I feel that my choices and even liberties are being restricted or oppressed. I think for the average user, being completely open is not the most important aspect of their technology.

If closed systems that aim for complete control over platform, content and their users are headed for an inevitable end, I’m happy to keep using Apple until then. Most are concerned with the now and use their devices on a regular but casual basis every day of their lives. If Apple also foresees a demise of their structure, being the innovative and cutting edge corporation that they are, how will they adapt and change?