No matter what you’re after…

I was surprised to learn that, while it seemed that big name media companies and products dominate the market, there is a long tail of more specialist and niche products that are endless and in fact hold the majority of the market.

The growing presence of a long tail, to me, is a positive outcome of how the Internet has affected media consumption. Any shift away from a dominant, hegemonic mainstream of media consumption promotes more diverse interests. Maintaining a more even spread of market share especially to authors, musicians and other independent media producers, not utilising a large marketing campaign ensures consumers are getting what they want.

It has to be conceded that this has some negative effects on smaller book stores that cannot cope with the physical demand and puts more power into large web-based companies that have almost unlimited storage space. It will ultimately be these big companies (Amazon and Book Depository Online) that will come out the best but at least they are assisting writers and artists by providing exposure and a convenient location for consumers to buy their products.


I see the key issue is just that. People should not have to buy the best selling novel just because it is all over store’s front window and advertised on T.V. People need, and are entitled to, choice and the Internet has helped everyone achieve this by reducing our need for a physical store to buy books (eg. – closing of Borders). If something is available, no matter how obscure or niche it is, now we can find it.


2 thoughts on “No matter what you’re after…

  1. What makes me wonder is if the internet will ever be filled? With so much content online it is actually getting harder to find the things we are after – well the things that will actually benefit us. I loved this topic this week – its nice to feel as though no matter what you love you now have a place in society and just because everyone else around you doesn’t like something and it disappears off the shelves doesn’t mean you can no longer gain access to it. I especially love the online communities that are formed from these common interest groups online!

  2. I agree with kurts ideas that it is harder and harder to find things. With so much media available thanks to the long tail, it has become overwhelming. I have found enough music that I love that I could probably go the next year without ever hearing the same song twice. I’m not sure if that is really a good or a bad thing, but the opportunity to have that choice out ways any down side.

    Music is a bit different to a book though, if I hear a bad song I can just change the song. But if I was to read every book, how many hours would I spend reading terrible books? There needs to be some sort of recommendation before people spend hours of their time reading books in hope to find a great read among thousands of other titles.

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