Another closed-minded Apple User…

When looking at current debates revolving around Apple vs Android, I can’t help but think of my own experiences and make conclusions about what is important to me, an average Internet and computer user.


I have owned a Macbook for over 2 years and when I was in the market for a new phone, I bought an iPhone. Music is probably my number one priority in regards to my phone and laptop use, and it is unrealistic to mix operating systems so keeping with Apple products was the obvious way to go. I will inevitably need a new phone and laptop and maybe want to buy a tablet in the future and yes, I will most likely buy the newest iPhone and, iPad and Macbook etc…

I am completely aware of how hard I’m getting shafted, swindled and made a fool of by Apple and I don’t really care. I have tried to use Android phones and didn’t like the structure and set up, I don’t wish to go back to Windows over iOS and overall, I prefer the smoothness and aesthetically pleasing usability of Apple products. I have never felt particularly ‘closed off’ by using Mac stuff and I would guess this to be true for the majority of other Apple loyalists.

 Perhaps I am part of the problem by aiding and abetting Apple’s objective to restrict and close off their products to themselves and their users, but right now, I am selfishly sticking by my decision and will probably continue to do so until I feel the need to change. While I am, in a sense, ‘closed in’ by Apple and Steve Job’s legacy, I have the freedom to jump to Android or any other open system or device when I feel that my choices and even liberties are being restricted or oppressed. I think for the average user, being completely open is not the most important aspect of their technology.

If closed systems that aim for complete control over platform, content and their users are headed for an inevitable end, I’m happy to keep using Apple until then. Most are concerned with the now and use their devices on a regular but casual basis every day of their lives. If Apple also foresees a demise of their structure, being the innovative and cutting edge corporation that they are, how will they adapt and change?


8 thoughts on “Another closed-minded Apple User…

  1. I used to be just like you. I’m currently on to my second Macbook and was an iPhone user for years.. classic Apple loyalist. Just made the swap to a Samsung and in terms of operating systems.. complete prefer it. It was an adjustment after no using anything PC based at all in recent times but I got used to it quickly. One thing I do miss is that ‘smoothess and aesthetically pleasing usability’ that you mentioned. Apple still definitely have the monopoly on design and I can’t think of anything that comes close to it. In saying that, Apple are obviously feeling the pressure as I think you can already see how they’ve attempted to adapt and change, I would argue that so many of the new features in iOS 6 and 7 were borrowed directly from Samsung features, definitely a sign of things to come in the future for Apple I think.

    • The funny part about that is how much of a patent nazi Apple is. No one is allowed to copy them, but they can copy everyone else. I’m more surprised that no one has done the same as Apple by implementing the same level of ridiculous patents and put them in their place. If they did I can’t imagine how that would affect any plans for Apple to adapt to the now popular ability to customize and produce by users.

  2. I also think that my own experiences are what assists me in making a decision on who wins the battle of Apple vs. Android. You could not have said it better that “I am completely aware of how hard I’m getting shafted, swindled and made a fool of by Apple and I don’t really care.” That is exactly how I feel. Apple might have a hell of a lot of control over me and the products I use and love, but I just don’t like how Android works, and after using Windows my whole life moving to a MacBook was the best thing I ever could have done. Apple may lose the battle because of it’s commitment to closed systems but like yourself, I’ll stick with Apple until that happens.

  3. Apple is great at utilising current technology in a way that most people can easily understand. They also market extremely well, and in a consumer economy, that’s all that really seems to matter. But as we learned, (We) -Apple user’s are the minority, so what does it matter? If 75% of smartphones run on Android, why is it a conversation? Android is obviously killing Apple. I think its more of an amazing feat that even though Apple only accounts for 14% of the smartphone market, they are still such a big player.

  4. Im not an apple user, well i have an ipod but i have an android phone and a Toshiba computer. A lot of my friends are apple enthusiasts, and always up grade to the new phone asap, carry their mac book everywhere and never let their ipod leave their side. The thing i found with apple is that is offers so much more, product wise, ipad, iphone, ipod, macbook etc where there is only android phones. People who are in the market for these things are more likely to buy them all from the same company aka apple. You can connect them all, they all operate the same way and everyone always must have the complete set.

  5. I totally agree with what you say about the ‘closed-off’ nature of Apple products. We are constantly being told that the Android set-up allows users to perform a multitude of tasks under no restrictions, but I feel like this is not applicable to me personally. I definitely agree that the iOS software is a lot more aesthetically pleasing than that of the Android, and is simply easier to use and access. I think that this debate is most of the struggle between Apple and Google – Android trying to keep up with the popularity of the iPhone, establishing the open software.

  6. It’s great that I am the total opposite to you, yet I have come to a similar conclusion. I have never had an iPhone or Mac and in the same way you haven’t felt ‘closed off’ by using Apple, I haven’t felt liberated by using Android. To me it’s still just a phone.

    I feel like biggest war between these platforms is based on philosophy more than legacy ( But I think for me, who is uninterested in taking advantage of the benefits of an open network, it should be about the utility! And for plenty of people iOS is more user friendly (

  7. I too am an Apple loyalist, I would not consider myself a computer expert, but I must admit I enjoy the usability and ‘comfort’ of my Mac and iPhone. I can’t identify any immediate disadvantages, perhaps because I use the technology only for quiet general, basic reasons. I definitely believe freedom and flexibility are great advantages, but perhaps for the more technologically advanced. Like you, when the advantages of the open system become more obvious to me than the advantages of a closed system, I would consider changing.

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