Times they are a changing…. But I’m still for the ol’ school

Ok ok so there is currently a lot I’m reading about the positivity of ‘presence bleed’. One could describe it as the ability to multi-task, completing numerous jobs in less time, being time efficient and resourceful and so on. I will concede that I agree it’s important to be able to compete in todays workplace, that one needs a degree of this to compete, and also that it is a completely inevitable progression in this day and age………But, I would hate to see the days of face to face interviews, work socialising, client lunch meetings etc etc give way to half of the work force doing everything from home simply because it is more time efficient.




I fear the robotic world we see in the movies. Where we become machines typing data just like everyone else and never leaving our homes to chat and have a coffee with workmates, build quality relationships, and be a genuine part of the everyday lives of each other. As much as I dread it, I accept it. So much of it is positive for our lives but I like to hope that there is a limit on such developments.



Unfortunately what I see as the driving force behind it all is competition. It will inevitably be the companies that utilize these features of time-efficiency of the future and hire workers willing to be ‘everywhere always’, that are most successful. If you are not going accept that you need to be contactable or be able to contact 24 hours a day, soon there may be no work for you…


I just hope the ‘human’ side of work will remain and prosper, not completely giving way to the digitalization of the entire world. I think companies that have a positive combination of healthy social interactions as well as the efficiency of new media and evolving technology will have high staff retention, happier workers and, I think, better output overall.



3 thoughts on “Times they are a changing…. But I’m still for the ol’ school

  1. I completely agree. While the concept of ‘presence bleed’ may allow for people to multi-task over several different mediums/channels at once and dramatically increase efficiency, im skeptical about it’s effects on the quality of work produced in such a fashion. I believe that there are still a range of benefits that face-to-face communication can provide which digital technologies cannot.

  2. It’s a double edges sword that really all depends on where each individual stands. Everyone loves the human touch, and most importantly, given the less time we have for ever everything, people are appreciating more ad more the time you do spend on them. If people think you have the time of day for you, they will respond better.

    And that’s why I call it a double edged sword. If you are dealing with clients, you spend time to get ‘in’ with them. If you are dealing with your boss, you spend time outside your work times to seem eager. However it’s very interesting, I believe, that people think of these two scenarios very differently. And I can’t help but think, like you say, that people need to be able to accept and deal with it. Because time really is money, and money is what makes the world go round.

  3. I agree with you on worrying about becoming a robot-like society, having no time for anything else and always working, also being contactable 24/7. We are already expected to be online or available all day and night, even among friends. For example, If someone messages me and I don’t reply for a few hours, they become more annoyed and repetitive, asking where I am, what I’m doing, why I haven’t replied, If I’m okay. It’s as if just because I haven’t replied there is clearly something wrong.

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