What you got to hide???


If you have nothing to hide and are not involved in illegal activity, what are you worried about???



It is interesting to think about because I’m sure most of us do not necessarily have anything to hide but the principle of having these liberties infringed hits a lot of us hard. Like we see with anti-terrorism laws, most people accept that the government’s movements are for the “greater good” of society; hence they will go un-challenged by the majority.


It does make me question my own stance on it though and I think subconsciously I have accepted that, through my various online accounts, a lot of my information is out there and probably owned and accessible by large corporations as well as the government. Yeah it sucks. But I, like many others, go with convenience of keeping these accounts, and tend to shut out the fact that my life is basically owned by someone else. It’s as if the corporations know that I’m lazy and will be quite willing to forfeit my cyber liberties in order to have my accounts linked, personal information available and credit card details saved for future use.



I mean I’m not a terrorist, so what have I got to hide, right? But why should they have the right to gather info on me and use it against me when I have done nothing wrong? Still torn on these issues…


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